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America's Got Talent Season 13 Episode 7 Best of Auditions

The best auditions are revisited.

America's Got Talent » Season 13

Big Brother Season 20 Episode 7

Based on the Dutch series, thirteen strangers who are living in a studio-like house that's filled with cameras and microphones, compete in a series of physical and mental stunts, and some challenging trivia at a chance at $500,000 in this reality soap ope...

Big Brother » Season 20

The Originals Season 5 Episode 10 There in the Disappearing Light

Klaus helps Hope cope with her pain in an unconventional way. A figure from Elijah's past comes back seeking help. Elsewhere, Marcel takes on the nightwalkers, while Vincent deals with the fallout of a fateful decision.

The Originals » Season 5

Code Black Season 3 Episode 12 As Night Comes and I'm Breathing

Willis continues to tend to Rox's medical needs in San Diego and Leanne and Max's father go searching for Ariel. Also, when Noa reveals to Mario she wants to take a job offer in Philadelphia, and Campbell offers Mario the attending position at Angels, the...

Code Black » Season 3

The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 Episode 13 The Word

Serena and the other Wives strive to make change; Emily learns more about her new Commander; Offred faces a difficult decision.

The Handmaid's Tale » Season 2

Face Off Season 13 Episode 6 Divine Dryads

The artists battle it out as they create dryad protectors of real life forests in this week's elimination challenge, with two more artists heading home.

Face Off » Season 13

The 100 Season 5 Episode 9 Sic Semper Tyrannis

The growing fractures in Wonkru threaten to explode once and for all. Meanwhile, in Shadow Valley, Murphy starts a fire, unleashing catastrophic results.

The 100 » Season 5

Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 7 Low Man

Deran leads the charge in planning the weed heist. Lucy calls Pope down to Mexico for some intel on Baz's murder. J reaches a breaking point with Smurf. Craig learns more about Billy's girlfriend Frankie.

Animal Kingdom » Season 3